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Smith UK Ltd
Ideas Factory NUA,
Cavendish House,
St Andrews Hill, Norwich, NR2 4SN

Starting with a new corporate descriptor 'managing business risk', we created a new marketing proposition for the business as a whole: 'Risk management isn't just about the health and safety in your business, it's about the health and safety of your business'.


A re-aligned corporate mission statement formed the bedrock of the new market positioning – realigning from product-based software company to risk management consultancy


Large, high-contrast photography was used to arrest attention and reflected their clients' activities and environments


High-profile client names were used prominently in a strongly branded 'corporate way' to enhance the level and business-relevant nature of the message


Deliverables: Corporate repositioning statement, logo, visual identity guidelines, stationery, corporate brochure, annual report, marketing collateral, exhibition materials, advertising


The logo was updated using a series of squares within a square to reflect the modular yet integrated structure of their product range and was rotated to represent a HSE warning diamond