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A wide range of creative responses were submitted including one route which suggested a using 'flock'-style print finish to mirror the theatrical nature of the venue


A strong copywritten route was suggested – to reflect the range of emotions one goes through at awards-type events


The Arts and Business logo was adapted and the ampersand re-cut to replicate an award or 'trophy' – clearly aligning the event with an Arts and Business function


The ampersand motif was then made and placed in unusual and relevant scenarios


A gold and silver line finish created a mosaic visual style for this route


A play on the duology of 'Art' and 'Business' formed the basis of this typographic route, where popular or famous combinations were used to create sample marketing pieces, here random invite cards which, were at the same time intriguing as well as aligned with Arts and Business and the event through the use of the ampersand


A simulated red-carpet route was the final creative idea – here mocked up to enter the proposed venue


And then followed through in famous regional locations