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Campaign literature for international children's charity

Smith have just been appointed to create two campaign identities and legacy literature for international children’s charity SOS Children UK.

SOS Children look after children who have lost their parents through war, famine, disease or poverty. For nearly sixty years, SOS Children has developed an approach based on building a community for children who have nobody to turn to. Traditionally, they provide young people with a home, a family and a new mother in a purpose-built local Village, where they can stay until they are ready for independent life. Where family life is at risk, they run programmes to help strengthen families in the surrounding communities and keep children with their biological families.

On Smith's appointment, Director of Fundraising, Meryl Davies said: “ We are delighted to be working with Smith whose creative designs have helped to give clarity and impact to our campaigns and legacy material. ”

Adrian Kimpton of Smith says: "A fantastic project and opportunity for us to help such a worthwhile organisation. We are absolutely delighted to be able to contribute where we can."

Be part of Chipata

SOS Children is currently building a new Village in Chipata, Zambia and Smith have been commissioned to design an identity and materials for a campaign, ‘Be part of Chipata’.

The campaign has been set up across five specific funds covering: family and home; education; health; living with HIV, and sponsorship and regular giving. Smith’s brief is to design an identity exclusively for the Chipata campaign which will remain distinct and recognisable throughout its tenure, to work in sync with the global parent identity and across a variety of media.

Team SOS

Alongside the Chipata campaign Smith will also have a remit to design a bespoke identity for Team SOS which will raise awareness of the charity and its large network of supporters in the UK.  It will encourage more people to take part in fundraising and volunteer events, providing support and a focal point for communication and joint action. It will have cross media elements, but will use Facebook specifically as a forum for communication and collaboration.

Legacy brochure

In addition, Smith will be designing SOS Children's new legacy brochure.  Using case studies highlighting the varied work of the charity, it will encourage supporters give more children a loving home by pledging a gift that might be financially beyond their means in their lifetime.