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Wayfinding, digital illustration and environment graphics
Great Ormond Street Hospital

It is becoming increasingly recognised that art and design play an important role in healing. The  objective of this project was to deliver more child and family friendly surroundings through the creation of  relaxed, interesting and interactive environments and, ultimately, assist in creating a positive and supportive sense of place for patients, families, visitors and staff.

We did this through the application of digital illustration and the implementation of a comprehensive 'wayfinding' strategy.

Patients are often fearful and confused and these feelings may impede recovery and a parents sense of competence can be enhanced by making spaces easy to identify and find without asking for help. Naming wards and finding interesting and engaging ways to point people in the right direction is a process known as wayfinding.

GOSHeagle charater

In 2008 Landor – the global branding agency - created the strategy for wayfinding at GOSH based on the natural world. Where each floor takes on a habitat, from ‘living in the seas and oceans’ to ‘living in the sky’. In phase one of the project Landor came up with five creature designs Walrus, Bear, Koala, Flamingo and Eagle.

eagle 3

Smith’s commission was to provide the graphic element for Landor’s strategy, in essence to take the characters they created and bring them to life through ward signs and icons and throughout the new wards by introducing new characters, creating environments and and other Illustrative elements to enhance the therapeutic environment and ultimately aid recovery.


GOSHKoala charater


We also created a brand new character and its environment, Squirrel as part of the project.  In total we have delivered graphics for six ward environments for Squirrel, Walrus, Bear, Koala, Flamingo and Eagle.

GOSHSquirrel charater