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Information Architecture, Web Interface Design and Channel Marketing
Syngene Ltd

Syngene has a broad range of products and an even broader variety of applications for which they can be used. Customers would know what they needed to achieve but maybe not know which product would be best suited to their needs. Smith was asked to help rationalise and redesign their website to help make product selection simpler and quicker whilst providing a system the client could content manage themselves. Smith designed the site to be much more intuitive and simple. The homepage uses a multiple tabbed large banner which acts as a gateway, channelling the user down into the appropriate product stream whilst showing them applications along the way.

The site also uses easy-to-update 'latest developments', offers and 'you might also like' features, all techniques aimed at making the user experience smooth, efficient and informative. The cool, clean layout with its strong use of Syngene's distinctive colour palette creates a simple, strong and proactive sales tool that works much harder for our client.