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Corporate and Global Agent Network Website and Intranet
Cambridge Education Group

Cambridge Education Group is the leading independent provider of academic, creative and English language programmes in the UK. Smith were commissioned to re-structure and redesign their corporate website. Part of our brief was that CEG is made up of a number of schools – but the site had to be run from the same CMS – so we had to create something that was the same but different, the same technology, a different look and feel. This was achieved using combination of highlight colours, photography and wallpaper to create the necessary distinction. New imagery of student life both in and out of the classroom was commisioned for on and offline material.

A secure agent intranet site was also designed and developed along the lines of the corporate site – containing marketing resources for indigenous agents in target regions.

CEG web1a

CEG web2a

CEG web3a

CEG web6

CEG web4

CEG web7