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We are Smith

Project Management. A necessary evil!

The subject can't be avoided, quality control, project management, processes! It always comes up and, if we want clients to get an idea of what it's like to work with us, we have to cover it.

Let's start with the view of someone experiencing it right now.

Matthew Walker
Marketing Director, TAP Biosystems

"There's a sense that Smith are part of the department. We know we're being valued when we phone up with a new job, however small. We appreciate the flexible service, weekends, overnight and face-to-face – basically as and when we need them. Considering the care they take and the quality of the work, they're excellent value for money – you know what you are paying for, no heavy-handed project management, no Porsches in the drive – above all, we just get along."

We work to a set of basic rules: direct contact, a simple process and open communication. We treat every job the same, every client the same and every budget with equal importance.

We are what we are and our project management style reflects our agency:

  • It's simple, clear, professional and flexible
  • With all the benefits of a small agency set-up
  • From a team experienced enough to get the best from each job
  • ISO governed control without ever being a straitjacket to creativity
  • Personable and led by the creative in charge of solution
  • Always treated as a facet of the service that is a given not as a sales tool in itself

And there is no complicated structure at Smith, we don't use account handlers, each senior designer handles their own project, so you deal with the person responsible for your creative solution from the start, and you don't end up paying onerous 'management fees' that can often and incorrectly dominate the budget.