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We are Smith

What we mean by our design standards

Quality isn't the occasional one-off that scales the heights, it's a standard applied at all times, a rigour repeated as a matter of course.

Trinity Grange is the marketing campaign, created for a prestigious new residential development in Cambridge and is a good example of the standards that we work to.

Since the development took its inspiration from the large country ranges of the Arts & Crafts movement, the challenge was to produce something that reflected the period without being a straight pastiche. Design aside, the real key to the project would be in achieving the requisite quality of production values: to create a marketing brochure that was reminiscent of a lavish, Edwardian gift book, but with a modern twist.

The application; from selecting the right combination of design styles, to sourcing noted Swedish illustrator Hannah Werning to produce a modern take on the William Morris style, each stage of the design process was carefully considered – resulting four complete redesigns to achieve just the right design balance between old and new. For the print, the challenge was more about the careful selection of the right materials: Traditional onion skin papers and foil embossing techniques were used with a combination of heavy tactile stocks, ‘fly' sheets and modern ultra whites. It was then finding the best quality subcontractors to achieve the best print and foil blocking finish.

These were the swan's legs. None of this energy and effort was seen, but was necessary in delivering something of quality and beauty.

Deliverables: art direction, development brochure, advertising, event marketing, signage, web graphics.