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We are Smith

What do you do when a client has no resources but needs something in the morning to launch their new business venture and they are really relying on you to help them out despite getting themselves in such a position in the first place ...

The brand idea behind 'The Punter' was to create a new chain of boutique 'Fulham Road' style gastro pubs. When our client came to us, they had 'an idea', a feeling of what they wanted but no actual sense of what their finished identity would look like. We had some influences: the owner's lineage, a visit to similar establishments in London gave us a sense of the feel and finish and we had a good brief from sampling the menu of the standard of cuisine on offer.

Apart from these peripheral influences, we were charged with creating a visual representation for the new business from quite literally no visual resources, and from concept to delivered identity, in a week.