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Public Sector Naming, Branding, Icon Design and Identity Guidelines

Cambridge County Council

Smith were asked to come up with a name, and design the visual identity, for a new 'eco-campus'. This was to become home to one of the most important new education and business collaborations in the region for years. Situated at its heart was to be a new college which would provide teaching in sustainable business and triple-bottom-line best practice. Around this, a number of smaller units would house a range of private 'green' businesses and social entreprenuers.

Our client, wanted a name and initial campaign identity that reflected their hope that the site would become an industrious 'eco-hub': a focus for best practice in sustainability, a home for forward-looking enterprises in the area and an attractive social meeting space. We thought the name 'The Hive' succinctly summed it all up. Our client agreed. We added a no-nonsense strapline to explain what the development was all about, and then created a logo which loosely alluded to a beehive, with bees abstracted to become a  diverse 'swarm' of people and businesses coming together to form an 'H' for Hive.


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