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Campaign Theming, Creative Copywriting, Publicity Campaign and Art Direction
East of England Development Agency

Cut Your Carbon was a major local government initiative aimed at reducing energy consumption. A publicity campaign was needed to attract community groups into the scheme. Smith presented a range of ideas, but the favourite by far was 'everyday hero': a tongue-in-cheek reworking of Superman. No chiselled hero, no kryptonite here. Instead, ordinary people saving the planet through a series of small, seemingly insignificant everyday energy-saving acts. The idea, an individual's actions averting a catastrophic global event went to the heart of what the client wanted to communicate with a tongue-in-cheek tone which it was thought would appeal to a public tiring of preachy 'green-wash'. Smith enrolled applicants to become a team of 'carbon superheroes' who were then photographed in community centres, clubs and public spaces demonstrating their energy-saving tips. The photoshoots doubled-up as a series of mini awareness-raising events across the region and the material produced went on exhibition stands, advertising, web design and marketing and direct mail collateral.

The campaign attracted a full quota of entries.

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