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Repackaging and promotions for US launch of drug discovery software

We have been working with Optibrium Ltd to for a major new release of their software – StarDrop.

Aimed at drug discovery scientists in the pharmaceutical industry, StarDrop 5.0 was launched at the American Chemical Society meeting in March 2011.

Optibrium’s StarDrop software helps scientists to quickly target and optimise high quality chemistries in the initial research stages of drug discovery. It works by evaluating complex and uncertain data to guide objective decisions on the design and selection of potential drug molecules.

Adrian Kimpton, Director at Smith said of the project: “The challenge was to back engineer the overall look of the software range using packaging design techniques to productise the software. We also had to raise the profile of the various modules within the range and introduce a new product for launch at the show – all based around a new product icon for the main software package. The new icon is based around a stylised molecule and the suite of bolt-on’s uses a variety of close ups from the master icon to create both a visual link and hierarchy.

It was a challenging brief, not least because of the highly technical nature of the subject matter. Smith undertook the writing of both the main campaign headlines and collateral so we had to understand the molecular chemistry of what the products did to simplify the step-by-step guides to the main software and associated bolt-on’s.”

Matt Segall, CEO of Optibrium, said about Nova "This unique module dramatically extends StarDrop’s capabilities, stimulating the search for high quality drug molecules by generating new chemistry ideas, prioritised against the profile of properties the user needs for a successful outcome". He added about the decision to appoint Smith "We were impressed by the combination of sound advice on how to clearly communicate our message with the striking graphic design that Smith offers; we are happy to be working with them on this important project".