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New visual identity for biotech company TAP Biosystems

Cambridge design company Smith have delivered for Royston-based international biotech, TAP Biosystems.

Phase one of the project involved consultancy services around the strategic development of the name (a further example of a naming projects) and styling of the business and creative development of a new corporate logo applicable in the first instance to corporate materials, signage and livery. The project will ultimately develop a new design styling and guidelines for all marketing collateral.

The brief to Smith was to develop a new visual identity relevant to a broad life sciences market (research, development, production and clinical) – and specifically for key new target markets, regenerative medicine (aka stem cell research) and bioprocessing (i.e. living protein based therapies). The solution also had to retain the important brand equity (retaining brand equity) that the previous business and identity still had in market – that of automation and engineering excellence.

 This combination of engineering excellence and ground-breaking science is a unique message and drove the creative solution for the logo.

Adrian Kimpton of Smith says: "It was a highly technical commercial area, the business challenge was multi-faceted, new markets, products and potentially channels, and the timescales short. Overall we are delighted, but most importantly so are our clients and their customers."